The Yoga, has become so popular that right now is considered as a business. The word business in this matter, leys different opinions. Some teachers are just offering quality sessions and courses which when the person joins their classes, by learning and continuing the practice & education, step by step will be able to become a good yoga teacher. Now here are some tips which we offer a kind of business in our group to the students which they start, continue and practice with us.

1- before starting yoga, you have to know your interests such as Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy or more. We will offer you each class that you experience on your own then you will be able to decide what you want to start with.

2- After deciding, you can start practicing that subject on and off the sessions and when you are ready (which you and your teacher will determine that), you can start your courses. The sessions are just about the subject that you are interested and the courses will complete all aspects of yoga which as a yoga teacher you need to know them.

3- After the course, you will continue you’re practice until you be ready for teaching. Masoud Movahedi Yoga, has different branches which after a teacher has been qualified, he/she will start teaching as a part of this group.

4- Being a yoga teacher is not difficult, but a good yoga teacher, needs lots of practice and experience which we will always try our best to support you.

5- Our qualified teachers will have plan for their teaching under the guidance of their own teachers and they will be up to date about all aspects of yoga each year.